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a completely free resource, marugoto is a interactive website with many different things to focus on, such as video and audio quizzes. there are also some fun little culture classes. great for any beginner to japanese.
erin's challenge!
erin's challenge guides you through learning japanese using sets of videos and images, then quizzing you on them. other features are available as well! for example, they have little flash games made to help you learn, such as a japanese namecard creator.
as the name implies, this site is all for learning kanji. what really makes it stand out against other similar sites is its usefulness ranking, where they give each kanji a number of stars out of 5. 0 stars being extremely rare in daily life, while 5 stars is extremely common.
learn japanese through mass exposure! using a gamified learning system, clozemaster takes a sentence and removes certain words- your objective is to replace those words with vocabulary you know so the sentence makes sense. there is a completely optional pro plan as well, if you'd like to support the creators.
imabi is a totally free resource for all learners of japanese. from beginner to advanced, imabi has 400+ lessons available. for advanced learners, there are even lessons on classical japanese!
a free site to practice your listening skills by watching and absorbing clips from different kinds of japanese media. they have four kinds of different exercises available!
good site for learning the fundamentals of japanese, such as kana, kanji, and vocab. it ups your learning experience by giving you goals to achieve, such as a leveling system and a site ranking.
japanese in anime & manga
great for beginners!! this adorable little site teaches you kanji and vocab through fun flash games.
learn japanese by watching anime! with animelon you have dual english and japanese subtitles, with the option to turn off one or the other. you can save vocabulary you don't know in an episode for later review. they don't have an extremely large selection, but they do have a decent amount of anime as a whole.
an introduction to japanese
an online textbook hosted on the authors github specifically focusing on japanese and its grammar, explaining every bit and piece. a very good read!!
news in slow japanese
news in slow japanese is a great resource for anyone looking to improve their literacy and hone in on their listening skills. alongside the text, you can have the article read in slow or fast japanese. there are also vocabulary lists, pop-up translations, romaji, etc. there is also an optional premium subscription available if you wish to support the site and its creator while benefitting from new features. recommended for intermediate to advanced learners!
mango languages
mango approaches japanese from a speaking and listening approach. it has interactive parts and speaking / listening exercises. very good for the beginner if they want to learn to speak quickly (i.e. for travel purposes). you can also get mango completely free if it happens to be partnered with your library- all you need is your library card!
miageru is a site originally made for looking up kanji, vocab, grammar points, and example sentences. now alongside its original purpose, it also now has a learning centre where you can practice and learn japanese. it's completely free, as well.
hinative is a question & answer service for languages and cultures all around the world. it also has language exchange features. very good if you have questions about japanese!! whether you want to know how to pronounce something, how to say something in japanese, etc. there are many different features to explore and use.
mainichi newspaper
an online newspaper purely in japanese. it covers news in japan as well as around the world. not recommended for beginner-intermediate as it has a ton of kanji!
a neat little site for beginners, yynihongo is available in english, romaji, kana, and kanji. it has cute little flash games to learn japanese.